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Blackjack, or twenty-one, is one of the world’s most loved casino games. To play you need a Blackjack table, a standard deck of cards and a chip rack. The table is in a half-moon shape, where all the players face the dealer, and printed on the surface are rules about the payout, minimum and maximum bets and information about the dealer standing on soft 17. Blackjack can be played with one person, although there are between 5-7 seats, and these are marked by a square or circle called a wager spot: this is where you put your bets. Online casinos usually offer single person Blackjack but multiplayer games are now commonly found too.

If you’re playing in  best online casinos in AU, there is a card shoe to the left of the dealer. There are between 2-8 decks  stored here, The dealer pulls the cards for the game from inside the shoe. On the dealer’s right is the space for discarded cards, while in front of the dealer is the chip rack, which holds the chips, and a money slot, where money from the table is placed. There’s also a currency slot where money is converted to chips.

Some gambling terms are helpful to know so that you can participate in the conversation at the table and follow the game. ‘First base’ is immediately to the left of the dealer, while ‘third base’ is to the right. The most experienced player usually sits in third base as their hand can result in the dealer winning the round, although every seat has an equal opportunity of winning.

Before the hand begins you’re required to place your bet in the wager spot and you’re not allowed to touch these chips again. After betting, cards are dealt and then the dealer will either remove the lost bets or award you chips if you’ve won.