“Marvel Roulette” is a True Marvel



The innovators at Playtech have introduced a new version of roulette that combines the tradition game with a touch of slots. The new game is called “Marvel Jackpot Roulette” and is available only at online casinos. The game features roulette, slots and the Marvel comic book heroes including Captain America, The Hulk and Spiderman.

Playing the Game
The game begins with a traditional roulette wheel and the 35 numbered slots plus the single Green ZERO slot. However, there has been another slot added called “Marvel” bringing the total number of slots to 37. Bets can be placed on any of the spots on the board. The traditional payouts are in force. If the ball land on the “Marvel” slot and a wager has been made on the spot, the real fun begins. The player is taken to a 3-wheel slot machine for the bonus round. The Marvel super heroes are used as figures on the wheels. The player is given three spins that will be used to determine the final payout. The object is to match the same hero on all three wheels to win the multiplier that will be used to determine the winnings.

The Payouts
Once you get to the bonus round, you are a guaranteed winner and only the amount of your winnings are to be determined. The multiplier can go as high as a 100 times the wager made on the Marvel Spot. Aside from the wheels payouts, there is also a Marvel mystery jackpot. The mystery jackpot is random, progressive and linked with all other Marvel games from all online casinos. If a player makes it to the jackpot, there are four levels of payouts.

Marvel Roulette is becoming very popular and can be found on many of the leading online casino sites.