Mark Newhouse Disappointed with Exit WSOP’s Final Table Events

Mark Newhouse

When Mark Newhouse managed to wade through 6343 opponents to enter the final table of WSOP main event in November 2013, he was unfortunately ousted at 9th position with earnings of $733,224. He made a determined attempt to make it to the finals in 2014 and was successful in making a back-to-back entry into WSOP main event in November. According to Card Player TV he is the first player in several years to make a back-to-back WSOP entry in a similar strategy as Dan Harrington. However, his elation of entering the final table was short lived as he was eliminated at 9th place once again with $730,725 in earnings.


Second time into finals of WSOP

Mark Newhouse is a native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and travels to poker circuits in Los Angles, California, Nevada and Vegas. He has been a professional poker player since 2006 and has played in all WSOP main events since then. His reputation as a promising player grew after his $1.5 million win at World Poker Tour Borgata Poker open during 2009. Mark’s success as a poker player began only after 2011 when he ended up at 182nd place during that year followed by continued success in 2013 and 2014. Though Mark’s chip stack put him in 3rd position among all ten players on the final table in the November, he was a little apprehensive. Though Mark tried his best to stay on, he was bought out by William Tonking and once again was eliminated in 9th position.


Disappointed but hopeful

In a recent interview to Poker News before the WSOP, Mark Newhouse stated that the large win during early part of his poker career led him to a few wrong decisions in life, which he is seeking to change with current wins. He is gradually rebuilding his life with healthy lifestyle and discipline to achieve new goals in life. If Mark’s bluff would not have been countered by William Tonking’s call on the river then Mark could have easily moved further with his stack. Though Mark clearly seemed disappointed with his exit his efforts cannot be ignored as he managed to play past 13,035 players to win a place in the final table.