Get Thunderstruck at Noxwin Casino

The always popular Noxwin Casino has relaunched itself into the limelight this week with the unveiling of yet another ludicrously generous deposit bonus giveaway offer. No strangers to good will as it is, the growing mobile casino has decided to take things another step forward in the bonuses game with their aptly entitled ‘Thunderstruck II’ no deposit offer.

Thunderstruck II slot new game

Given the no deposit bonuses status as the rarest of all the perks enjoyed by todays online gamer, the announcement of Thunderstruck II slot bonus has expectedly caused quite the stir in the week or so since the announcement was made.

As we all know, the public relations related value of an offer like this one often pays for any pay outs the casino are obligated to make as a result of their generosity, but every once in a while there arrives a bonus which must be seen to be believed.

All players need to do in order to find themselves within striking distance of this thunder is sign up as members at Noxwin online. Yes, this is pretty simple – but what else could we realistically expect?

Sign up is a streamlined, simple process and within minutes new members will be on their way to reaping some serious rewards.

As though this wasn’t enough, the good folk as Noxwin casino have decided to tac on a further appendage to this glorious and completely irresistible offer. Namely: their usual welcoming package, which combines as much £200 credit as well as 50 free spins.

It seems there has never been a better time to become enamoured with the Noxwin mobile casino. Even once the Thunderstruck offer has timed out – you can be sure there will come along another just like it to take its place.

Claim What Is Rightfully Yours at Jackpot City

Jackpot City is part of one of the longest running online casinos. Their reputation exceeds the praises bestowed upon their competitors by tenfold. Enjoying a rich history as one of the favourites, Jackpot City generously offers over 300 online slots. It gives players access to an amazing range of highly reputable online games.

Which games on Jackpot City?

Jackpot CityJackpot City massive range of games include Megaspin and Progressive games to branded slot games such as blockbuster themed games like The Dark Knight, Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park and innovative titles that are unparalleled by anyone.

As the cumulative total of its progressive games hit $7 million, the casino is booming with high anticipation of who its next jackpot winner might be. Jackpot City has been responsible for handing out plenty of huge winnings and boasts to being home to some of the best online winners.

The hottest place online for match promotions

A tasty welcome offer awaits new players – the casino now gives players 100% back on their first 4 deposits meaning upto $1600 free can be yours! There are prize-packed promotional offers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Rewards here will range from cash and casino credits to free spins, cool gadgets, 5 star cruises and great vacations.

Loyalty is rewarded at Jackpot City with loyal players receiving more as the casino now rewards its loyal players with offers giving you loyalty points for every cash bet you place with the house. These points can be converted to free cash back. Plus, once you become a VIP player you get more spins, credits, bonuses and exclusives offers.

New Jersey’s Online Casinos Underwhelm in 2014

In an attempt to revitalize its struggling casino industry, New Jersey legalized online casinos in 2013. Some of New Jersey’s more optimistic government officials predicted that the state’s newly-opened digital casinos would generate over $1 billion dollars in revenue during 2013.

Unfortunately, New Jersey-based online casinos brought in only $111 million last year. According to casino representatives, one of the reasons why the state’s virtual gaming outlets struggled to attract customers was that many customers had difficulties accessing online casinos from more remote areas of New Jersey. Representatives blame these difficulties on faulty location software, and are working diligently to resolve these issues.

Another difficulty facing the online gaming industry in New Jersey is that many financial institutions are reluctant to process transactions involving online casinos.

The Trump Taj Mahal Casino Closes

While online gambling is just starting to become popular in the United States, traditional betting venues are shutting their doors. In particular, a number of casinos in Atlantic City ceased operations in 2014. The Trump Taj Mahal, one of Atlantic City’s most popular gaming destinations, is the most recent casino to close down.

Reports says that the Taj Mahal closed in December of 2014 because it did not receive enough tax incentives. The casino employed more than 3,000 workers.

Chinese Government Arrests 30,000 in Gambling Sting

Gambling has been officially outlawed in China since 1949. However, gambling and sports betting still remains wildly popular on the black market in China, where millions of Chinese are said to place wages every year.

The Chinese government is hoping to eliminate black market gambling in the near future. In fact, Chinese police recently arrested more than 30,000 people during a month-long gambling sting that took place in December of 2014. Moving forward, the Chinese government is also hoping to restrict Internet freedoms on the mainland, too.

Mark Newhouse Disappointed with Exit WSOP’s Final Table Events

When Mark Newhouse managed to wade through 6343 opponents to enter the final table of WSOP main event in November 2013, he was unfortunately ousted at 9th position with earnings of $733,224. He made a determined attempt to make it to the finals in 2014 and was successful in making a back-to-back entry into WSOP main event in November. According to Card Player TV he is the first player in several years to make a back-to-back WSOP entry in a similar strategy as Dan Harrington. However, his elation of entering the final table was short lived as he was eliminated at 9th place once again with $730,725 in earnings.


Second time into finals of WSOP

Mark Newhouse is a native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and travels to poker circuits in Los Angles, California, Nevada and Vegas. He has been a professional poker player since 2006 and has played in all WSOP main events since then. His reputation as a promising player grew after his $1.5 million win at World Poker Tour Borgata Poker open during 2009. Mark’s success as a poker player began only after 2011 when he ended up at 182nd place during that year followed by continued success in 2013 and 2014. Though Mark’s chip stack put him in 3rd position among all ten players on the final table in the November, he was a little apprehensive. Though Mark tried his best to stay on, he was bought out by William Tonking and once again was eliminated in 9th position.


Disappointed but hopeful

In a recent interview to Poker News before the WSOP, Mark Newhouse stated that the large win during early part of his poker career led him to a few wrong decisions in life, which he is seeking to change with current wins. He is gradually rebuilding his life with healthy lifestyle and discipline to achieve new goals in life. If Mark’s bluff would not have been countered by William Tonking’s call on the river then Mark could have easily moved further with his stack. Though Mark clearly seemed disappointed with his exit his efforts cannot be ignored as he managed to play past 13,035 players to win a place in the final table.


What are the Basics of Online Roulette?


With online card games and casino games continuing to gain popularity, roulette is the latest to venture into the online world. However, the challenge of understanding online roulette is difficult when compared to other card games. For example, online poker and blackjack are almost identical to their casino versions. With online roulette, there are slight variations.

In fact, players who become seasoned at online roulette will benefit in the long run. Experts believe that the chances of winning money at online roulette are greater when compared to the casinos.

When you enter an online casino website and direct yourself to the roulette section, you will find that the game runs very smoothly. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the hard work of software engineers, the online roulette wheel spins in an incredibly realistic manner. Players will get the true feel of being at a Las Vegas casino when they are playing this online game.

The game goes as follows:

– To start off, you place your bets with the money amount of your choosing. These bets are put in the respective areas, indicating how much and on what you are betting. All of this can be done with a few mouse clicks.

– If you are playing the European online game, there will be 36 different numbers to bet on. The American online version has an extra number, the double zero, which gives it a total of 37 numbers. It is advised that you play the European version, because the “house advantage” is slightly less.

– Place as many bets in a row as you would like. Remember to view online roulette as a long run game. You are not going to win by betting big on two or three wheels. That will only cause you to run out of money.

– Start with simple bets, such as red vs. black or evens vs. odds. These have a 50/50 chance of winning.

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Blackjack for Beginners: What’s the Game All About?



Played by gambling enthusiasts in casinos all over the world, blackjack is a game that is easy to learn and also addictive. To win in the game, it is important to have a strong understanding of the basic game strategies and to be aware of the blackjack etiquette. The game is played with one or more 52-card decks, without any limit on the number of players. The winning objective is to earn 21 points, which are based on the value of all the cards a player has. Jacks, Kings, and Queens are set at 10 points each, cards numbered from 2 to 10 are calculated by their face value, and Aces are set at 1 or 11 points, depending on whichever provides better results at the end of the game.


Basic blackjack terms


  • Hit: Taking an additional card from the dealer is known as “Hit.” Players typically take a hit when the total value of their cards is 16 or less.


  • Stand: In a way, the opposite of “Hit” is “Stand.” In this situation, the player does not take another card from the dealer. Players are advised not to stand when the value of their cards is lower than 17.


  • Split: If you have two cards of the same value, you can double your bet and split them into two hands, and play each of them separately against the dealer. This increases your probability of winning. It is generally advisable to split two 8s in the game, but players are also known to successfully split Aces or other value cards.


  • Double down: If you’re left with only two cards in the game, you can double your bet in exchange for hitting only once. It is advisable to double down when you have a card with a value of 10 or 11.



Now that you’re familiar with the basics of the game, why not challenge a few friends for a match?



Controversial Ruling: Casino Forced By Judge To Remove Online Poker Game


Gambling has been a source of political and social controversy for quite some time now, and it would seem that the controversial nature of the activity is still alive and well. In the state of Wisconsin, a federal judge has recently ruled that the Ho-Chunk Nation – a Native American tribe running a casino near the city of Madison – must remove all video poker games from their establishment.

The judge claimed that the games, called PokerPro, violated an agreement with the state. The nature of the agreement states that a type of game categorized as Class III games are not permitted by the state. While the law is clear on the Class III ban of games, the specific categorization of the games is a bit of a grey area. The PokerPro games in question are virtually the exact same game set-up as a poker game played with physical decks of cards. Players only bet against one another – not the house – and they play in real time within the casino’s walls. The only difference is that instead of being played with a physical deck, it’s played with a virtual dealer on a computer screen.

The controversial ruling is one that many have found to be irrational and overly harsh. It’s a ruling that some feel the federal judge in question, U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb, has made by abusing the system and her power. Those who oppose the ruling have expressed that she twisted wording of an amendment, which is notoriously vague in its language, to the state’s legislation to make the decision. Others feel that the law as written is one that has not yet allowed itself to catch up to the modern technologic systems that allow casinos to function efficiently.

There are also those who have a larger concern in mind. The concern is that if this ruling is able to be made based on a vaguely worded amendment to the law, how far can that breach of power reach? Will other casinos soon have to worry about similar rulings, and what else will the law be able to get away with mandating?

“Marvel Roulette” is a True Marvel


The innovators at Playtech have introduced a new version of roulette that combines the tradition game with a touch of slots. The new game is called “Marvel Jackpot Roulette” and is available only at online casinos. The game features roulette, slots and the Marvel comic book heroes including Captain America, The Hulk and Spiderman.

Playing the Game
The game begins with a traditional roulette wheel and the 35 numbered slots plus the single Green ZERO slot. However, there has been another slot added called “Marvel” bringing the total number of slots to 37. Bets can be placed on any of the spots on the board. The traditional payouts are in force. If the ball land on the “Marvel” slot and a wager has been made on the spot, the real fun begins. The player is taken to a 3-wheel slot machine for the bonus round. The Marvel super heroes are used as figures on the wheels. The player is given three spins that will be used to determine the final payout. The object is to match the same hero on all three wheels to win the multiplier that will be used to determine the winnings.

The Payouts
Once you get to the bonus round, you are a guaranteed winner and only the amount of your winnings are to be determined. The multiplier can go as high as a 100 times the wager made on the Marvel Spot. Aside from the wheels payouts, there is also a Marvel mystery jackpot. The mystery jackpot is random, progressive and linked with all other Marvel games from all online casinos. If a player makes it to the jackpot, there are four levels of payouts.

Marvel Roulette is becoming very popular and can be found on many of the leading online casino sites.

Every Online Element Counts


Anyone who engages in online gaming on a regular basis will be familiar with the problems that can arise when dealing with currencies other than Euros. However, online gaming institutions around the globe are busy making the changes necessary to eliminate the difficulties that players often face in this capacity. Cosmik Casino has recently announced the new approach they are taking to web design that will make this issue a thing of the past for gamers who call their site home. Although they are a young site in the world of online gaming, they seem to have a steady finger on the pulse of the desires of gamers.

Innovation From A Young Player

Cosmik Casino has released a completely new multi-currency feature that dramatically enhances the gaming experience for all concerned. Euros are no longer the standard currency with which to play when visiting their site. This update is yet another application that is adding to the arsenal that is steadily increasing the company’s reputation for reliability, innovation, and popularity in the online gaming industry. Behind this innovation are two leading software developers: Betsoft and Gamescale. Both of these companies have long been hailed as industry innovators as well, consistently creating technology that creates a cutting-edge and immersive gaming experience for every institution with which they partner.

Constant Improvement takes the Front Seat

This update for Cosmik Casino is just one of the changes that is close on the horizon. They continually add new jackpots, tweak existing games for better experiences, and are expanding the genres of games that are available in their current suites. Along these lines, action, mystery, and adventure games are slated to play a big part in the company’s online gaming future. Along with the changes to the way that players can handle their money on the site comes added security as well. The efficiency with which players will deal with deposits and winnings is just as dependable as ever as well. E-wallets, international transactions, debit and credit cards, and second-party money transfers are all still part of the system that they have in place for players.

Get The Casino Bonus Without Going Broke

Casino bonuses are very alluring to many people. Get a 100% or more matching bonus on a first deposit up to a certain amount is highly appealing. Naturally, the casinos require some game play put into them in order to unlock this money. If that were not the case, then the casino would gain nothing from giving a player a bonus. The smart players are still able to get out of the online casino with at least most of their bonus still there.
How It Works

A casino may offer a 100% bonus on the first deposit up to $500. The bonus hunter will go ahead and deposit the $500 required to receive the maximum bonus. He or she will then have to play a certain amount of the games in order to unlock that bonus. Often, it is 10 times the amount of the bonus. Thus, $5,000 worth of game play would need to be played to unlock the full bonus amount. That sounds like a lot because it is. Many players will get sucked into playing things like the slot machines where they can perhaps put in $5, $10, $20, or more in at a time and try to unlock the bonus quickly. Unfortunately for them, they are also throwing away their deposit by doing this.

Game Selection

For someone who really wants to get their bonus without throwing away their deposit, it is necessary to have good game selection. The way to do that is to play the games where money is not being thrown away so quickly. Games like blackjack offer a unique opportunity to perhaps unlock quite a bit of the bonus. Given the fact that blackjack offers approximately 50-50 odds over a long enough period of time, the player can potentially lose very little of their money as they unlock the entire $500 bonus on their account. Poker is also a good choice since the best players can actually make money while unlocking their bonus. This game probably takes longer to get the money unlocked though as it is often tied to the rake that the casino is pulling in.

Banking On Bonuses

Bonuses are meant to be a way to draw players in to get them to play way more than they usually would. The smartest players understand this and are not willing to fall into that trap. You should consider why the bonuses are there in the first place and pay close attention to things like that. There is no reason to fall into the trap. Just take advantage of it.