Rise in Online Roulette, Baccarat Sparks New UK Regulations

The landscape of online gaming has changed for the better following a decision by the British government to introduce new legislation regulating the rapidly growing market of online casinos. The number of online casinos has risen greatly in recent years, led by an explosive growth in the popularity of casino games such as roulette and baccarat. Many of these online roulette and baccarat houses are unlicensed and underregulated, something which the British government hopes to alter.

The landscape of online gaming has changed for the better following a decision by the British government.

As of November 1st of 2014, online casino operators must provide a link to the public register that details their licensing status with the country’s Gambling Commission. More than 150 online betting and gambling sites have already applied for a government licence, but some operators have decided to abandon the British market to avoid the need for a licence.

Online roulette, baccarat and other game operators must meet a number of stringent conditions to qualify for a license, including meeting a code of practice to ensure that all gaming is carried out fairly and transparently. Another condition is a series of protections to safeguard players’ accounts from losses due to fraud or technical malfunctions. Online casino operators must also submit their roulette, baccarat, poker and other games to third-party testing to guarantee they are not rigged in any way.

British gamblers welcomed the news, which is seen as a necessary step toward a more trustworthy playing environment. Some roulette and baccarat operators have been accused of foul play or even outright theft, and account protections and third-party fairness testing will, it is hoped, clean the market of any illegitimate or fraudulent operators. The exponential rise in the number of online casinos has regulators struggling to catch up, as more and more Britons start to enjoy casino games like roulette and baccarat online rather than at the bookmakers.

Progressive Jackpot Slots: Tips & Tricks

Is there anything more thrilling than the sight and sound of an overdue slot machine finally paying off? If there is, we don’t know about it. Any jackpot is fun; a massive win on a progressive machine is astounding.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

The first slot machines had a pull handle and three spinning reels with five symbols. In 1986, the first progressive slot machine was introduced by Nevada-based IGT. They named the machine Megabucks and it changed everything in the world of slot machine gaming.

The slots with the biggest jackpots network with other machines like them. Players insert coins, contributing to the ever-increasing progressive jackpot total. All players on the network are going for the same jackpot.

Biggest Progressive Payouts

Progressive slot machines don’t often hit, but when they do, the payout can be life changing.

The biggest online progressive payout occurred when a Finnish gambler won a Mega Fortune game in January of 2013. The 40-year old man was awarded almost 18 million Euros.

A few weeks later, the largest progressive slot machine jackpot in history happened in Las Vegas on March 21, 2013. A visitor from Los Angeles played approximately $100 on a three-coin Megabucks machine at Excalibur casino when he hit the jackpot and won a whopping $39,713,982.25.

Tips for Playing Progressive Slots

If you want to experience the thrill and exhilaration of winning a huge jackpot, play often and play smart. You can also play at real money online casinos. Here are a few tips:

Always play the maximum number of coins. Progressives only pay the big jackpot when the maximum is played.

Use all your credits. Keep playing until your stake is played out.

Play often. Make as many pulls as you can. If you can afford to play several times a week, do it. Every pull has the same odds, but you can’t win at all if you’re not playing.

Progressive Jackpot Slots Tips & Tricks

Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose….but enjoy the fun!

Electronic Roulette Machine Bet Amounts Not Changed


Fixed odds betting terminals have been at the center of intense debate surrounding gambling safety. Many advocates of gambling believe that these machines cause people to spend a lot of money in a quick space of time. They would like to see much lower maximum bets placed on fixed odds betting terminals. While the government has complied in some areas, they have not touched the 100 pounds a spin rules in place for electronic roulette.Roulette

Roulette on FOBTs

Among the various games available to play on fixed odds betting terminals, roulette is one of the most popular. The machines are very simple to operate. Players will usually enter cash or their card details in order to establish a balance. After this, they can begin betting on their game of choice.

The factors that make these games so exciting (and potentially addictive) are speed and ease of access. These games can be found at gambling shops on high streets throughout the UK. In addition, games are played at a breathtaking speed. Players can bet thousands of pounds in each hour of play without even realizing it.

Roulette Betting Maximums

UK ministers accepted the independent findings that linked fixed odds betting terminals to gambling addiction and excessive violence. However, they needed to balance their crackdown on the machines with a care for the gambling industry. Having recently enacted many laws to bring higher taxes from casinos and gambling companies, the government is wary of further alienating these establishments.


The UK’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport announced that there would be a few changes to gambling machines. The payout in a gambling machine would change from 4,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds. There is also the possibility of progressive jackpots being offered by casinos, with figures of up to 20,000 pounds reported.

It remains to be seen whether there will be further laws on fixed odds betting terminals and roulette specifically. For now, the game remains intact.

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2014: The Year London Officials Crack Down On Illegal Gambling


Over this past winter it became clear that London officials were no longer taking illegal gambling operations lightly. As problem gambling has become a much more actively discussed social issue for Britain at large, the idea of targeting the source and means of betting, punting, and losing much needed finances has been thrown around quite a bit.

The main source of frustrations for many who see the effects of problem gambling spreading across the nation are fixed-odd betting terminals, or FOBTs. These machines are manual betting tables that electronically simulate a roulette wheel (or some other traditional casino game), and they have been commonly dubbed the “crack cocaine of gambling” for those who struggle with addiction to the hobby. Because of this increased public disapproval of these machines and games, London officials have taken it upon themselves to truly crack down on any unmonitored or illegal machines and gambling activity in 2014.

What started over a year ago as a briefing of what to look for in the illegal games has grown into a full fledged search and removal of any games not abiding by the regulations set in place by the Gambling Commission’s Local Authority Liaison Unit (LALU). The efforts began in the south east portion of London, but have since trickled outward like ripples to other parts of the country. The trend has recently struck London.

Local police officers and government officials in London have seized dozens of illegal machines. With a lot of talk about the looming possibility of adjusting regulations such as betting limits for punters at the machines take place, they may have a lot more to look for and shut down. That, however, is something they will concern themselves with only if and when the time comes. For now, they’ve got enough of a job simply sending the consistent and strong message that they’re not going to turn a blind eye to illegal gambling in any format whatsoever anymore. As an increasingly large amount of citizens take issue with street gambling, and particularly the continued prevalence of illegal or unfair FOBTs, city officials are taking more action. That action has been firmly upheld in the city of London since the turn of the new year, and it seems as though their efforts to thwart illegal gambling operators will continue to go strong for the rest of 2014, and beyond.

Professional Bricklayer Wins Inaugural UKIPT Event at Isle of Man

Duncan McLellan has emerged as the winner of the United Kingdom Ireland Poker Tour’s (UKIPLT) Isle of Man championship. McLellan is a professional bricklayer living in Corby and has earned the distinction as being the first champion of the inaugural Isle of Man event.

McLellan was one of four players who had earned a seat at the tournament by playing satellite games hosted by PokerStars. There were a total of 379 players at the event, including well known players like Fatima Moreira de Melo and Jamie O’Connor.

Fatima Moreira de Melo is a retired field hockey player and olympiad who now plays professional poker as a member of Team PokerStars: Sportstars. She can be found playing online at PokerStars under the username FatimaDeMelo.

All eyes were on Fatima Moreira de Melo as the most familiar face at the final table. After hours of gameplay and some tense moments, the final table eventually narrowed down to heads up action between her and McLellan. Twenty minutes later, the final hand of the tournament came down to de Melo moving in all in before the flop with a pair of fives. McLellan called a suited A 10 and caught a straight on a J Q K flop, which brought the tournament to a close.

She began the final table with a shortstack and held out to finish second, earning her £59,660 to add to her considerable lifetime tournament earnings as a professional player.

McLellan’s first place finished earned £94,090 as well as a championship title for the UKIPT event. When asked what he intends to do with his winnings, McLellan said that he is looking forward to taking his grandson on a trip to Disneyland. Senior Manager of Team PokerStars Online Christopher Jonat came in fourth at the final table, earning him £34,870.

Hunts on for Mystery Millionaire



A good samaritan found a winning lottery ticket on a shop counter and turned it in. Now, a mystery ensues, and the Spanish lottery commission is on the hunt to uncover the person who so carelessly misplaced £3.95 million.

A Tiny Scrap of Paper

At Carrefour shopping center in La Coruña, a small town in northern Spain, a person purchased a lottery ticket: 10, 17, 24, 37, 40 and 43. That person placed the ticket aside but forgot to pick up that tiny scrap of paper when he left. Another customer, Manuel Reija González, found the misplaced ticket and turned it into the local lottery administration. Shortly after the numbers were drawn, it became clear that the careless customer had left behind a lotto ticket worth nearly £4 million.

The Mystery Ticket Buyer

The lottery administration doesn’t know who purchased the ticket. It’s a mystery. There is, however, a protocol for such occasions, and the administration is employing it to reveal clues that it hopes will eventually lead them to the right person. The detective work started with the shop where the lottery ticket was purchased.

The clerk who sold the ticket recognized the customer but was unable to identify him by name. What the clerk did know was that the mystery customer was an avid lottery fan and, on the night before a drawing, would make the rounds to various shops, purchasing a single ticket at each one. Therefore, it’s entirely possible that the buyer never knew that he was a short a ticket.

The Hunt

Since the clerk was able to recognize the mystery man to some degree, the initial hope was the he would return to that shop on lottery night. That hasn’t happened, however, so the hunt continues. An interesting note about González, the man who found the ticket, is that his family has a long history of working for the lottery commission, which is why he knew exactly what to do when he found the ticket.

A Happy Ending?

Carlos Negreira, the mayor of La Coruña, joked that this was the first time ever that they hunted for a millionaire because they wanted to give him money. What happens when they find the mystery man? Everyone hopes that the process is smooth and the story ends happily, but it may not be that easy. In fact, in 2001, a British couple lost out on £3 million after a similar incident.

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Play Responsible at Online Casinos

Whether you live in Germany, Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom, if you enjoy playing at online casinos, then you will be glad to know you are not alone. Whether you are just starting out or have been playing at online casinos for a long time, it is up to you to play responsible at online casinos play at online casinos. The following are some tips that will help you become a responsible player and help you level the playing field.

Set and Stick to a Budget

Whether you like Black Jack or some other online game, it is up to you to take the steps to make sure you play responsibly when playing at an online casino. Although playing online can become quite addicting and help you make a lot of money, you have to be realistic about your own individual circumstances. By taking the time to set and stick to a budget, you will can sit back and enjoy playing online. Even though players who play online do very well, you should never bet more than you are willing to part with. This will help you play responsible at online casinos no matter where you are located.

Limit How Much Time You Play Online

In addition to setting limits as to how much you bet when you play, you also should set limits as to how often you will play. Even if you always seem to do well and win, players always have a bad day. The goal is to balance how much time you spend playing online with other interests. By setting limits on how often you play, you will be on your way to playing responsibly at online casinos.

Take The Time to Learn The Rules and More About The Games You Play

Many individuals who enjoy online casinos do not take the time to read the rules and learn as much as they should about the games that they enjoy playing the most. To play responsibly, individuals should take the time to make sure they are acquainted with the rules. In addition, players should also take the time to learn more about how to play the specific online games they enjoy playing the most. In addition to potentially increasing your chances of winning, by taking the time to learn more players will be n their way to becoming responsible players.

Limit Your Losses by Taking Fewer Risks

In addition to setting and sticking to a budget, people who play online can take the steps to play responsibly and limit their losses by gambling too much of their money at one time. By taking fewer risks and limiting how much you bet each time you gamble, you will be on your way to becoming a responsible player and limiting your losses over time.

Whether you are located in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada or Australia, taking the time to set a budget, limit how much you play online and learning the rules will help you play responsible at online casinos.

War of Words Between Spain and UK Puts Damper on Online Gambling Deals

Bet365 is one of the world’s most prominent online gambling organizations. The UK company recently joined several other online gambling companies as part of Spain’s gambling community. Spain is still exploring the world of online gambling, having only recently introduced online slots to its games. Along with Interwetten, 888 and Luckia Games, Bet365 will be one of the few legally sanctioned live roulette opportunities for online players.

With preexisting operations already in Gibraltar, Bet365 did not have to relocate for the deal, which some of its competitors were required to do. Unfortunately, the deal doesn’t get to flow smoothly across the table. Spanish foreign minister José Garcia-Margallo continues to object to any working relationships with Gibraltar after their artificial reef damaged Spanish fishing grounds, which authorities are refusing to remove.

The foreign minister has threatened requiring any Gibraltar-based online gambling companies pay taxes to Madrid and use Spanish-based servers. In addition, since many workers will be commuting Spanish citizens, Garcia-Margallo suggests Spain impose a €50 fee on any and all vehicles crossing the border in either direction as well as blocking air space between the jurisdictions.

Spain - UK

British ambassador to Madrid Giles Paxman issued a formal complaint in response. The UK government also released a statement asking for an explanation for the foreign minister’s stern language. The statement also included a commitment to preserving UK sovereignty over the Gibraltar territory. The war of words only got worse when Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo called Spain’s behavior akin to a North Korean reaction.

The debate could have a profound effect on the deals between Spain and gambling entities like Bet365. To complicate matters, this conflict escalated as the gambling companies were looking to legally stop the UK from enforcing a new 15 percent online point-of-consumption gambling tax on their operations. Currently, the tax is only 1 percent.

British gambling giant William Hill Pic goes global

William Hill
William Hill

The largest betting agency in the world in terms of market value, British giant gambling company William Hill  just got a little bigger with the acquisition of Australian online betting mega-company Tom Waterhouse NT.

William Hill paid A$110 million or about GBP 64 million, and $34 million (U.S.) and acquired the company debt. This makes William Hill the leading online sportingbet Australia site as of August 2013. This increases value for the brand that is an FTSE 100 group that also employs 3,000 people in Yorkshire and nearly 1,300 Leeds workers

William Hill pledged to put money into Ton Waterhouse NT to make the online giant even better for bettors. William Hill will invest up to A$70 million adjusted to earnings on tomwaterhouse.com to guarantee annual growth of the company to A$10 million in 2014 and A$30 million in 2015.

Already operating Centrebet in Australia, William Hill’s takeover effort supplements its recent purchase of Sportingbet PLC’s operations in Australia. It paid A$670 to Sportingbet and took over Tabcorp Holdings Ltd. in the land down under. William Hill CEO Ralph Topping said the acquisitions were expanding the company’s customer base rapidly in compatible markets.

Tom Waterhouse
Tom Waterhouse

Topping said the company was putting in place the top people in sports betting to form one impressive team. Tom Waterhouse and his team represented a valuable addition to the William Hill family, he said.

William Hill makes more than GBP 1.2 billion annually. However, the tomwaterhouse.com site is not making money. William Hill leadership was confident its influx of capital and other “substantial synergies” would turn around the /australian giant. Tom Waterhouse will keep his post as managing director and join the William Hill team, officials said.

The international market has assumed front center stage for William Hill, the top betting company in market value in the world. Company officials now term Australia as its “second home market.” The Tom Waerhouse company had been controversial. Waterhouse frequently appeared on Channel Nine as a highly publicized bookmaker. He provided a public face to the making of odds for football games on the tube. However, it later was revealed he paid to be on TV.

The Australian government announced a crackdown n bookies promoting betting odds after those disclosures. Waterhouse said he would get off TV in a public letter printed in The Daily Telegraph.

Blackjack Terminology Explained (At Last!)

These days no one has the time to read volumes of rules just to figure out some game basics. Casino UK knows that you want to pick up the basics and then get out there and have a great time paying the game. That’s why they’ve compiled The Ultimate Guide to Blackjack – Terms and Hand Signals.

You can glance over it and learn Blackjack the quick and simple way.  It’s a handy colourful infographic that illustrates all the important game basics. Use it to learn to navigate the game or to brush up on some things you have forgotten.  Not to mention you’ll look great expertly signalling the dealer about your next play!

Blackjack terminology infographic