Buyanjargal Bold is the Red Dragon Champion

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The Macau Poker Cup is one of the most important poker tournaments in Asia and the entire world. This highly prestigious tournament takes place in this exciting, highly urbanized Pan-Pacific city. Players come from all over the region to compete. The Poker cup has been a serious part of the poker circuit for over two decades.
The 20th event proved to be full of high drama and intense excitement with a brand new player from exotic Mongolia taking center stage to the delight of the crowd. The latest event yet was the biggest event in the entire history of the tournament. Thousands participated in the pleasantly welcoming venue. Viewers were delighted as 3,443 players took to the poker field over 12 days. Thirteen events served to create massive excitement in the field of poker. The first weekend of the event began with huge record-breaking attendance and participation as players showed up here to demonstrate their skills.

The main event of the field was the Red Dragon tournament. This event had nearly a thousand players participate to help create a prize pool that topped HK$9,651,500 or USD $1.25 million. This figure very easily surpassed the initial HK$8,000,000 guarantee. It is one of the biggest prize pools ever offered in the Hong Kong Asian area and created excitement as players were motivated to play their very best during the tournament.

Six days of intense play led to a surprise result as Mongolia’s Buyanjargal Bold played a series of exciting hands. The shy Mongolia surprised many watchers as he emerged from the rest of the pack. He more than lived up to his name with bold play that was highly exciting to watch. Mr. Bold finally emerged victorious. He was capture the Red Dragon and HK$1,492,000. Bold expressed surprise and delight at his victory. He indicated that he planned to buy a car with his winning and continue to enter and play in poker tournaments in the future.