What are the Basics of Online Roulette?

Online Roulette


With online card games and casino games continuing to gain popularity, roulette is the latest to venture into the online world. However, the challenge of understanding online roulette is difficult when compared to other card games. For example, online poker and blackjack are almost identical to their casino versions. With online roulette, there are slight variations.

In fact, players who become seasoned at online roulette will benefit in the long run. Experts believe that the chances of winning money at online roulette are greater when compared to the casinos.

When you enter an online casino website and direct yourself to the roulette section, you will find that the game runs very smoothly. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the hard work of software engineers, the online roulette wheel spins in an incredibly realistic manner. Players will get the true feel of being at a Las Vegas casino when they are playing this online game.

The game goes as follows:

– To start off, you place your bets with the money amount of your choosing. These bets are put in the respective areas, indicating how much and on what you are betting. All of this can be done with a few mouse clicks.

– If you are playing the European online game, there will be 36 different numbers to bet on. The American online version has an extra number, the double zero, which gives it a total of 37 numbers. It is advised that you play the European version, because the “house advantage” is slightly less.

– Place as many bets in a row as you would like. Remember to view online roulette as a long run game. You are not going to win by betting big on two or three wheels. That will only cause you to run out of money.

– Start with simple bets, such as red vs. black or evens vs. odds. These have a 50/50 chance of winning.

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