A Banner Year For Great Canadian Gaming

Great Canadian Gaming Corp

It has been an incredibly successful year for the gaming industry, both in its online and casino forms. Canada, in particular, has seen its revenue from gaming skyrocket during the latter half of 2013. Gaming is hotter and hipper than ever, and the money just seems to be flowing in like golden rain. 2013 is truly an excellent time to be involved in the industry.

Indeed, one of Canada’s foremost gaming corporations, the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, has just announced spectacular financial results for the three month period which just ended on September 30, 2013. This is known in the industry as the “third quarter” of 2013.

During this preceding quarter of 2013, the Great Canadian company recorded a total revenue of some $103.1 million received during this period. This figure represents a welcome increase of revenue from last year’s third quarter of 2012 by some 1%, or $1.3 million.

Much of this increase has been attributed to the growing amount of revenue which has been generated at several extremely popular casinos and resorts which are owned by Great Canadian. For example, Great Canadian properties such as the River Rock Casino Resort have been refurbished by the company and are drawing in greater numbers than previously.

However, not all the news is rosy. These recent revenue upsurges have also unfortunately been offset by declines in revenue at other Great Canadian properties. For example, the Boulevard Casino in British Columbia, as well as the Ontario Racetracks, have both been posting somewhat sluggish figures all throughout the year.

It is not known yet what precisely can or will be done to bring these figures out of the red, and back into the black. Of course, it is far too early to consider these properties as permanent losers. With a bit of care and expert rebranding, it is hoped that these and other underperforming properties can be brought back to full financial health.

Meanwhile, Great Canadian’s recent posting of $103.1 profit at the 2013 Third Quarter report is nothing short of miraculous. The gaming industry in Canada is alive, and in full vigor. More information can be found here.