Progressive Jackpot Slots: Tips & Tricks

Is there anything more thrilling than the sight and sound of an overdue slot machine finally paying off? If there is, we don’t know about it. Any jackpot is fun; a massive win on a progressive machine is astounding.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

The first slot machines had a pull handle and three spinning reels with five symbols. In 1986, the first progressive slot machine was introduced by Nevada-based IGT. They named the machine Megabucks and it changed everything in the world of slot machine gaming.

The slots with the biggest jackpots network with other machines like them. Players insert coins, contributing to the ever-increasing progressive jackpot total. All players on the network are going for the same jackpot.

Biggest Progressive Payouts

Progressive slot machines don’t often hit, but when they do, the payout can be life changing.

The biggest online progressive payout occurred when a Finnish gambler won a Mega Fortune game in January of 2013. The 40-year old man was awarded almost 18 million Euros.

A few weeks later, the largest progressive slot machine jackpot in history happened in Las Vegas on March 21, 2013. A visitor from Los Angeles played approximately $100 on a three-coin Megabucks machine at Excalibur casino when he hit the jackpot and won a whopping $39,713,982.25.

Tips for Playing Progressive Slots

If you want to experience the thrill and exhilaration of winning a huge jackpot, play often and play smart. You can also play at real money online casinos. Here are a few tips:

Always play the maximum number of coins. Progressives only pay the big jackpot when the maximum is played.

Use all your credits. Keep playing until your stake is played out.

Play often. Make as many pulls as you can. If you can afford to play several times a week, do it. Every pull has the same odds, but you can’t win at all if you’re not playing.

Progressive Jackpot Slots Tips & Tricks

Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose….but enjoy the fun!

€4,000 Tournament Launching At Golden Riviera Casino this May

There is a prize for each of the top 60 players on the slots Tournament Gold Factory this May.

Take up the challenge of our 20K Tournament, Staring 9 May till 21 May.

There’s nothing like a little healthy competition to keep life interesting; and Golden Riviera Online Casino has one not to be missed. Beginning on 9 May 2014, the popular Video Slot Gold Factory will play host to a 20K FreeRoll Tournament with prizes for the top 60 players and a golden €4,000 prize for the winner.

There’s nothing to lose in taking part, and potential wealth to be gained. For those looking for an extra edge, Add-ons are available at a cost of €10 each. To stand a chance at being on the production line of gilded winners, players can register from 5 May (00:01 GMT) for the tournament which begins on 9 May (18:00 GMT) and concludes on 21 May (22:00 GMT).

Gold Factory is a game that has succeeded in winning over legions of loyal fans, and for good reason. The 5-Reel, 50 Payline Video Slot regularly churns out fortunes. It includes a multi-level Bonus feature where players can pick up multipliers and Free spins.

“We do love our tournaments and so do our players; and the reason is no mystery. Why not add even more edge-of-your-seat excitement to your gaming experience,” said Max Stern, Casino Manager and spokesman.

New players at Golden Riviera Casino can expect the red carpet treatment with a choice of warm Welcome Bonuses. The 3-Tier Deposit Bonus is a gift of as much as $/€/£500 on a new player’s first three deposits. They’ll receive a Bonus of 100% on their first deposit, up $/€/£150 Free, 25% on the second, up to $/€/£200 Free, and 50% on the third, up to $/€/£150 Free. Alternatively they can opt for $/€/£2,500 in casino credits to play with in the first 60 minutes of gaming, no deposit required. Players can try out the games and they’ll have a chance to keep a portion of the winnings when the time is up.

There are over 650 of the highest quality online games in the catalogues of Golden Riviera Casino, each powered by the industry leader in online gaming technology, Microgaming TM. From Blackjack to Video Poker and the ever-popular Video Slots, all with crisp graphics and seamless gameplay, there’s something to keep every player entertained.

Golden Riviera Casino is serious about security and banking. A range of options are available, from credit cards to web wallet services, maximizing convenience. All information is carried over lines protected with 128-bit encryption technology, an industry standard. Should any queries arise, a dedicated team of multi-lingual support staff is available to assist either via toll-free number, live chat or email, 24 hours a day.

For more information, visit or

Casino Q&A – Do Tables Or Machines Have The Best Odds For Casino Games?

It is time for the house to stop winning! Dollar after dollar, we all keep losing money to the casinos. If you’re wondering why, perhaps this info graphic can provide the answer. Did you know that table games have better odds than slot machines?

It’s true!!!

The reason for this is because those table games like blackjack, craps, video poker, baccarat, and roulette are founded on older games that don’t have a built in edge for the house.

Info Graphic - The Best Bets Learn Now How You Beat The House
Kudos to Casino UK for this great info graphic –give them a spin at

War of Words Between Spain and UK Puts Damper on Online Gambling Deals

Bet365 is one of the world’s most prominent online gambling organizations. The UK company recently joined several other online gambling companies as part of Spain’s gambling community. Spain is still exploring the world of online gambling, having only recently introduced online slots to its games. Along with Interwetten, 888 and Luckia Games, Bet365 will be one of the few legally sanctioned live roulette opportunities for online players.

With preexisting operations already in Gibraltar, Bet365 did not have to relocate for the deal, which some of its competitors were required to do. Unfortunately, the deal doesn’t get to flow smoothly across the table. Spanish foreign minister José Garcia-Margallo continues to object to any working relationships with Gibraltar after their artificial reef damaged Spanish fishing grounds, which authorities are refusing to remove.

The foreign minister has threatened requiring any Gibraltar-based online gambling companies pay taxes to Madrid and use Spanish-based servers. In addition, since many workers will be commuting Spanish citizens, Garcia-Margallo suggests Spain impose a €50 fee on any and all vehicles crossing the border in either direction as well as blocking air space between the jurisdictions.

Spain - UK

British ambassador to Madrid Giles Paxman issued a formal complaint in response. The UK government also released a statement asking for an explanation for the foreign minister’s stern language. The statement also included a commitment to preserving UK sovereignty over the Gibraltar territory. The war of words only got worse when Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo called Spain’s behavior akin to a North Korean reaction.

The debate could have a profound effect on the deals between Spain and gambling entities like Bet365. To complicate matters, this conflict escalated as the gambling companies were looking to legally stop the UK from enforcing a new 15 percent online point-of-consumption gambling tax on their operations. Currently, the tax is only 1 percent.

British gambling giant William Hill Pic goes global

William Hill
William Hill

The largest betting agency in the world in terms of market value, British giant gambling company William Hill  just got a little bigger with the acquisition of Australian online betting mega-company Tom Waterhouse NT.

William Hill paid A$110 million or about GBP 64 million, and $34 million (U.S.) and acquired the company debt. This makes William Hill the leading online sportingbet Australia site as of August 2013. This increases value for the brand that is an FTSE 100 group that also employs 3,000 people in Yorkshire and nearly 1,300 Leeds workers

William Hill pledged to put money into Ton Waterhouse NT to make the online giant even better for bettors. William Hill will invest up to A$70 million adjusted to earnings on to guarantee annual growth of the company to A$10 million in 2014 and A$30 million in 2015.

Already operating Centrebet in Australia, William Hill’s takeover effort supplements its recent purchase of Sportingbet PLC’s operations in Australia. It paid A$670 to Sportingbet and took over Tabcorp Holdings Ltd. in the land down under. William Hill CEO Ralph Topping said the acquisitions were expanding the company’s customer base rapidly in compatible markets.

Tom Waterhouse
Tom Waterhouse

Topping said the company was putting in place the top people in sports betting to form one impressive team. Tom Waterhouse and his team represented a valuable addition to the William Hill family, he said.

William Hill makes more than GBP 1.2 billion annually. However, the site is not making money. William Hill leadership was confident its influx of capital and other “substantial synergies” would turn around the /australian giant. Tom Waterhouse will keep his post as managing director and join the William Hill team, officials said.

The international market has assumed front center stage for William Hill, the top betting company in market value in the world. Company officials now term Australia as its “second home market.” The Tom Waerhouse company had been controversial. Waterhouse frequently appeared on Channel Nine as a highly publicized bookmaker. He provided a public face to the making of odds for football games on the tube. However, it later was revealed he paid to be on TV.

The Australian government announced a crackdown n bookies promoting betting odds after those disclosures. Waterhouse said he would get off TV in a public letter printed in The Daily Telegraph.

The Roulette Helps Boost Revenue In Nevada

The state of Nevada, most of it which is desert and very dry, relies heavily on one form of income; gambling. Even the capital, LasVegas, is synonymous to this trade and anyone who will very quickly associate gambling to it. Casinos are a day-to-day form of business all across the state and so are strip clubs. This offers the perfect getaway for any type of a holiday seeker as the state offers a variety of entertainment forms. A trip down the LasVegas any day becomes memorable, as the adventure is endless and the surprises from the liberal and open minded people endless. Thanks to the Roulette, the state has recorded a notable increase in revenue. Between the months of May 2012 and May 2013, the gaming control board stated that Nevada had an improvement in the income. There was a 1.4% increase in the earnings as of the analysts figures. The secret behind this notable increase in revenue, as the analysts discovered is that the strip clubs which also double as casinos have done a lot of marketing to the Latino community all over America who mostly come to gamble and specifically like to deal the roulette. Put against the Blackjack and Baccarat, Roulette topped in earnings and popularity by far. This data, although not shocking but a bit surprising will of course work as an eye opener to the casino owners and managers who will be looking at cashing on this revelation. Although most casinos market to the outsiders and want to attract them to use other services in their resorts, the roulette is most likely to occupy their minds and give them some challenging thoughts on how to make it even more popular to enable them to pocket even more.

Maple Casino Introduces Revolutionary Educational eBooks

Canadian Online Casino Powerhouse, Maple Casino, has recently announced their release of a brand new line of explanatory e-books.

In all, there are five all-inclusive e-books centering on the casino’s most consumer popular games including black jack, poker, baccarat, craps, and roulette. Designed with novice and first time players in mind, these revolutionary e-books contain gaming guides that cover everything from the rules of the game and basic playing instructions to strategies and tips designed to help player advanced their skill and playing level.

However, the casino says the e-books are not just for novice players. The e-books include sections that are dedicated to seasoned players, and are filled with refresher sections on game rules, advanced tips, strategies, and extras that can help even the most seasoned players improve their skill level, confidence, and even increase their winnings. The e-books are a great way for seasoned professionals to refresh themselves on the rules of the game.

The e-books are available for download on any mobile device including tablets and smart phones in a variety of languages. Made with consumers in mind, the e-books are available in several European countries including Australia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom. ‘

The e-books, which are now available for download, are located on the casino’s website or can be found at the following link:

About Maple Casino

Owned by Vegas Partner Lounge, Canada’s Maple Online Casino was launched in 2004 as a way for consumers in Canada and all over Europe to enjoy playing classic casino games. Maple Casino offers a wide variety of classic casino games like black jack and slots while also catering to the ever-busy population.

Maple prides itself on giving the best, most secure online casino gaming available and uses 128-bit encryption, offers a loyalty program, large jackpots similar to those found in a traditional casino and offers its downloadable software for free. The software enables a wide variety of consumers to play online from their tablets, smart phones or computers, and allows for play in a variety of languages and monetary denominations.

For Questions Regarding the E-Books or Maple Online Casino please call toll free 24/7 at:

Canada: 1866-509-1828

United Kingdom: 0800-731-4295

Germany: 0800-181-5917

Switzerland: 0800-836-923

Netherlands: 0800 022 1327

Australia: 1800-0710-76

Customers can also e-mail them at :

Banking And Accounts:






Gambling Websites Blacklisted in Greece

Greek Casino

A long list of online gambling websites can no longer be accessed in Greece. In a move that is outraging many Greek online gambling fans, has Greece’s Commission for the Supervision and Control of Games (CSCG) blacklisted 401 websites. Greek Internet service providers will now be expected to bar subscribers from accessing the popular gambling websites. The Bank of Greece has also requested that all financial institutions suspend payments to the blacklisted websites.

Strengthening the OPAP Monopoly

Included in the blacklist are a range of casino, sports betting and poker sites from various European and American online bookmakers. Strengthening its monopoly in the gaming industry, the Greek Organization of Football Prognostics (OPAP) will now be the sole provider of both land-based casinos and online gambling websites in Greece. Websites wishing to offer gambling in the future must receive a license from the Greek government and offer games that do not include a “random number generator”.

History of Corruption in the Gambling Industry

One year ago, the Greek government began to display its blatant corruption in the gaming industry when it struck a controversial deal with Cyprus. At the time, the Mediterranean island nation had banned most forms of gambling. Creating an instant monopoly, Greece and Cyprus reached an agreement that allowed OPAP to operate tax-free land-based casinos. OPAP was also permitted to continue its operation of online sports betting and lottery websites in Cyprus.

Opinion of the European Community

Although both the OPAP monopoly and the website blacklist have been ruled illegal by the Court of Justice of the European Union, the Greek government has continued forward with its restrictions. Owning 34.4 percent of OPAP, it’s not hard to understand why the Greek government is blacklisting the competition. After an earlier restriction on this type of blacklist by the European Commission was lifted, the stage was set for these ridiculous actions by the Greek government to take place.

Blackjack Terminology Explained (At Last!)

These days no one has the time to read volumes of rules just to figure out some game basics. Casino UK knows that you want to pick up the basics and then get out there and have a great time paying the game. That’s why they’ve compiled The Ultimate Guide to Blackjack – Terms and Hand Signals.

You can glance over it and learn Blackjack the quick and simple way.  It’s a handy colourful infographic that illustrates all the important game basics. Use it to learn to navigate the game or to brush up on some things you have forgotten.  Not to mention you’ll look great expertly signalling the dealer about your next play!

Blackjack terminology infographic

Wide Collection of Free Slots Online Offered by Newly Launched Slotozilla!

LAS VEGAS, NV, June 25, 2013 /EIN Presswire/

The long-awaited Slotozilla has opened! Slotozilla – #1 source with unlimited online slots from the best online casinos. All slots are FREE! Slotozilla – a new favorite website for all fans of online slot machines, players from around the world (including US-players)

Amazing news for devoted gamblers all around the world! Finally, a one-stop solution for all your gaming needs is live and it is called Slotozilla ( ). Slotozilla offers a comprehensive guide to the world of online gambling, with the biggest choice of free slots all around the internet!

Whether gamblers prefer classic fruit machines or the latest state-of-the-art video slots, Slotozilla has something for each and every taste. And best of all – everybody has the choice to either play slots for fun or for real money.

Here is the list of latest free slots at
Dragon Island –
Cleopatra’s gold –
And Mr.Money slot machine –

If there’s anything gamers would like to know about the online casinos, there’s a 100% chance that Slotozilla has it. Rule breakdowns and how-to’s, unbiased reviews of gaming establishment and payment systems and, of course, the slot machines.

The Slotozilla news team relentlessly scouts the network for the latest releases, so users can stay up-to-date with the hottest and newest slot machines by visiting just one website. Slotozilla often offers previews even before the game goes live!

Their team works with the most reputable software developers, so players can always be 100% sure of a comfortable, smooth, secure and safe experience. Their collection of fruit machines counts more than 1000 titles from the elite providers, all of them available for free, with no download and no registration, in any part of the world.

US players will be delighted to hear that they’re welcome to Slotozilla and its entire collection of online casino games! It may be hard to come by a real-money online casino in the USA, but Slotozilla’s virtual doors are always open for any player, so feel free to browse Slotozilla’s extensive collection and have some proper gaming fun!

So a big welcome to Slotozilla, trusty companion in the colorful and busy world of gambling, entertainment and online slot machines!

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