Get Thunderstruck at Noxwin Casino

The always popular Noxwin Casino has relaunched itself into the limelight this week with the unveiling of yet another ludicrously generous deposit bonus giveaway offer. No strangers to good will as it is, the growing mobile casino has decided to take things another step forward in the bonuses game with their aptly entitled ‘Thunderstruck II’ no deposit offer.

Thunderstruck II slot new game

Given the no deposit bonuses status as the rarest of all the perks enjoyed by todays online gamer, the announcement of Thunderstruck II slot bonus has expectedly caused quite the stir in the week or so since the announcement was made.

As we all know, the public relations related value of an offer like this one often pays for any pay outs the casino are obligated to make as a result of their generosity, but every once in a while there arrives a bonus which must be seen to be believed.

All players need to do in order to find themselves within striking distance of this thunder is sign up as members at Noxwin online. Yes, this is pretty simple – but what else could we realistically expect?

Sign up is a streamlined, simple process and within minutes new members will be on their way to reaping some serious rewards.

As though this wasn’t enough, the good folk as Noxwin casino have decided to tac on a further appendage to this glorious and completely irresistible offer. Namely: their usual welcoming package, which combines as much £200 credit as well as 50 free spins.

It seems there has never been a better time to become enamoured with the Noxwin mobile casino. Even once the Thunderstruck offer has timed out – you can be sure there will come along another just like it to take its place.

Advantages of Live Baccarat

One of the more popular online casinos offerings, online baccarat’s appeal primarily lies in the fact that the odds that are presented to the players are almost always so good that most players never give up the hopes of winning. Online baccarat makes you feel that a win is just around the corner, which sometimes it really is.

The thrill of playing online baccarat

Playing live baccarat online has its share of advantages, as well.


For gamers and gamblers, very few things can better the experience of playing their favourite games from the comfort of their snug beds as and when they like. Therefore, quite predictably, convenience of comfort is the best advantage of live baccarat.


Many gamblers – especially those who are switching from the land based casinos to the online ones – have this feeling of mistrust when the dealer is actually a digital system that picks numbers or cards randomly as per its software. For such people, a sense of security and familiarity prevails when they know that there’s a real dealer at the other end, handling things.

Elements of sociability

With live baccarat, you get to play with people who are just like you. There’s a particular feeling of replication of land based casino baccarat when you play live baccarat. This is perhaps the biggest factor that makes live baccarat more appealing than other variants. Live baccarat takes you as close to the real deal as possible.

Playing live, you get to understand the strategies and anticipate moves of fellow players – something you just cannot do playing against a machine.

So, these are the distinct advantages of playing live baccarat. You can pick a reliable casino and start enjoying baccarat from the comfort of your home – right away!

Best Casino-Mate Games: Jurassic Park

Casino-Mate’s Jurassic Park is an online pokie (243 ways), which is based on the brilliant dinosaur theme park movie. There are multiple free spins offered by the game along with features such as T-Rex Alert. It adds 35 additional wilds to reels.

Jurassic Park online slot game has a minimum bet of 30 cents

The movie is the baby of Steven Spielberg and is based on Michael Crichton’s novel. It is counted among the best movies released during the 1990’s. The popularity of the movie led to the making of its 3D version and two sequels. Now we also have the official Jurassic Park online pokie.


Betting limits and wild symbol

In the online Jurassic Park game, the minimum bet that can be placed is 30 cents. All ways are covered by the bet with 1 credit for each way. You can place a bet going up to ten credits each way. You also have credit sizes options up to 25 cents. The max bet is of $75.

For everything, the logo of Jurassic Park is wild, except the dispersed Amber symbols. During the basic game, the wilds are stacked on the various reels. This makes it possible to earn huge multi-way wins using few stacks plus an entire wilds screen that pays out 1,900,000 credits.


Free spins

For winning the free Jurassic Park games, the player needs to get 3 (or more) of the dispersed Amber symbols at any random point on the game screen. The initial 25 times that the feature is triggered, the player randomly gets awarded one unique free game feature (there are five in total).

Once the 25 features are triggered, the player gets to select the category of free spin that he/she wants to play. This progress gets saved at every casino the payer plays in. Therefore, once the selection option is unlocked, it stays unlocked.

Rise in Online Roulette, Baccarat Sparks New UK Regulations

The landscape of online gaming has changed for the better following a decision by the British government to introduce new legislation regulating the rapidly growing market of online casinos. The number of online casinos has risen greatly in recent years, led by an explosive growth in the popularity of casino games such as roulette and baccarat. Many of these online roulette and baccarat houses are unlicensed and underregulated, something which the British government hopes to alter.

The landscape of online gaming has changed for the better following a decision by the British government.

As of November 1st of 2014, online casino operators must provide a link to the public register that details their licensing status with the country’s Gambling Commission. More than 150 online betting and gambling sites have already applied for a government licence, but some operators have decided to abandon the British market to avoid the need for a licence.

Online roulette, baccarat and other game operators must meet a number of stringent conditions to qualify for a license, including meeting a code of practice to ensure that all gaming is carried out fairly and transparently. Another condition is a series of protections to safeguard players’ accounts from losses due to fraud or technical malfunctions. Online casino operators must also submit their roulette, baccarat, poker and other games to third-party testing to guarantee they are not rigged in any way.

British gamblers welcomed the news, which is seen as a necessary step toward a more trustworthy playing environment. Some roulette and baccarat operators have been accused of foul play or even outright theft, and account protections and third-party fairness testing will, it is hoped, clean the market of any illegitimate or fraudulent operators. The exponential rise in the number of online casinos has regulators struggling to catch up, as more and more Britons start to enjoy casino games like roulette and baccarat online rather than at the bookmakers.

Adventure Palace Game Review

Adventure Palace Slots is a game by Microgaming, one of the best companies in the business. Adventure Palace has a jungle theme to it—imagine the adventurous world of Disney’s Tarzan, it’s that and more!

The graphics really pop off of the screen and feature some truly majestic animals like tigers and elephants that are adorned with jewels. Your ultimate goal is to get as many large animals on your reel as possible. The bigger the beast, the better your payout will be.


Adventure palace is a jungle-themed slot game


The game features 5 reels and 9 pay lines. There is a Wild symbol that can serve as almost any other character, and a Scatter symbol that can help you increase your multiplier and get you some free spins.

It’s those free spins that give the game the potential to make the player some money. If you get lucky with a few free spins in a row, you could potentially see a significant increase to your bankroll. All earnings from your free spins are automatically tripled. The jackpot option also has the potential to skyrocket depending on how lucky you get. There’s nothing like finally hitting it big after an hour of small wins and losses to make the whole experience worth it in the end.

Adventure Palace is a great game for the slots expert who wants to be entertained with colorful graphics and a great theme. It’s also easy to get into for beginners and will give you a good understanding of how several common slot mechanics like multipliers and free spins work.

Downslide in Macau Casinos Continues

The financial woes of Macau casinos are not showing any signs of ending in view of their sliding revenues and heavy crackdown by Chinese authorities to end nexus between criminal mobs and gambling firms. The city’s top five junket operators which brought Chinese high-rollers from the mainland announced that they would close their VIP gaming facilities to cut costs.


Macau Casino


David Group has announced closure of gaming rooms in Wynn and MGM among others. The anti-corruption drive of China’s president followed by strong pressure by gaming authorities in other nations to reduce criminals in the business has made it unprofitable for junket operators to transport high rollers across international borders.


Chinese clampdown on illegal gaming

Research analysts state that this is among the largest closures in the gambling city which is likely to be first in a series of similar closures of junket trips. This scaling down of operations is also likely to reduce prices of VIP rooms in the top end hotels in the Macau area which presently charge nearly HK $100,000 as deposit. A recent report in Business Insider states that research team of brokerage firm CLSA has predicted a decline of 13 percent in VIP revenues at Macau this year followed by 9 percent fall in gaming revenue. While last year revenues fell by wide margin across Macau, this year will be tougher due to slowdown in China’s economy and local officials attempt to reduce graft.


Appeal from President Xi to Macau

The share prices of Macau’s casinos have fallen between 32-52 percent in 2014 among which the worst sufferer was Melco Crown, which has already requested for de-listing its name from Hong Kong bourse. During a visit to the island, President Xi urged Macau to immediately setup measures to restrict illegal currency flow and reduce use of UnionPay debit cards. Analysts state that the next junket operator to consolidate services would be Neptune Guangdong Group.

New Jersey’s Online Casinos Underwhelm in 2014

In an attempt to revitalize its struggling casino industry, New Jersey legalized online casinos in 2013. Some of New Jersey’s more optimistic government officials predicted that the state’s newly-opened digital casinos would generate over $1 billion dollars in revenue during 2013.

Unfortunately, New Jersey-based online casinos brought in only $111 million last year. According to casino representatives, one of the reasons why the state’s virtual gaming outlets struggled to attract customers was that many customers had difficulties accessing online casinos from more remote areas of New Jersey. Representatives blame these difficulties on faulty location software, and are working diligently to resolve these issues.

Another difficulty facing the online gaming industry in New Jersey is that many financial institutions are reluctant to process transactions involving online casinos.

The Trump Taj Mahal Casino Closes

While online gambling is just starting to become popular in the United States, traditional betting venues are shutting their doors. In particular, a number of casinos in Atlantic City ceased operations in 2014. The Trump Taj Mahal, one of Atlantic City’s most popular gaming destinations, is the most recent casino to close down.

Reports says that the Taj Mahal closed in December of 2014 because it did not receive enough tax incentives. The casino employed more than 3,000 workers.

Chinese Government Arrests 30,000 in Gambling Sting

Gambling has been officially outlawed in China since 1949. However, gambling and sports betting still remains wildly popular on the black market in China, where millions of Chinese are said to place wages every year.

The Chinese government is hoping to eliminate black market gambling in the near future. In fact, Chinese police recently arrested more than 30,000 people during a month-long gambling sting that took place in December of 2014. Moving forward, the Chinese government is also hoping to restrict Internet freedoms on the mainland, too.

Mark Newhouse Disappointed with Exit WSOP’s Final Table Events

When Mark Newhouse managed to wade through 6343 opponents to enter the final table of WSOP main event in November 2013, he was unfortunately ousted at 9th position with earnings of $733,224. He made a determined attempt to make it to the finals in 2014 and was successful in making a back-to-back entry into WSOP main event in November. According to Card Player TV he is the first player in several years to make a back-to-back WSOP entry in a similar strategy as Dan Harrington. However, his elation of entering the final table was short lived as he was eliminated at 9th place once again with $730,725 in earnings.


Second time into finals of WSOP

Mark Newhouse is a native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and travels to poker circuits in Los Angles, California, Nevada and Vegas. He has been a professional poker player since 2006 and has played in all WSOP main events since then. His reputation as a promising player grew after his $1.5 million win at World Poker Tour Borgata Poker open during 2009. Mark’s success as a poker player began only after 2011 when he ended up at 182nd place during that year followed by continued success in 2013 and 2014. Though Mark’s chip stack put him in 3rd position among all ten players on the final table in the November, he was a little apprehensive. Though Mark tried his best to stay on, he was bought out by William Tonking and once again was eliminated in 9th position.


Disappointed but hopeful

In a recent interview to Poker News before the WSOP, Mark Newhouse stated that the large win during early part of his poker career led him to a few wrong decisions in life, which he is seeking to change with current wins. He is gradually rebuilding his life with healthy lifestyle and discipline to achieve new goals in life. If Mark’s bluff would not have been countered by William Tonking’s call on the river then Mark could have easily moved further with his stack. Though Mark clearly seemed disappointed with his exit his efforts cannot be ignored as he managed to play past 13,035 players to win a place in the final table.


Unlicensed Poker Sites Being Targeted in Holland

The KSA in Holland is taking severe action against companies that do not operate with a gambling license. There are plenty of gambling sites that cater to Dutch customers but do not register with the government. This means that their practices are not regulated and they do not pay taxes. In an attempt to curb these actions, heavy fines are being enacted.

There are two companies that have been hit with fines of close to $400,000 each. Redcorp and BlueMay Enterprises have been punished for their involvement with a few illegal gambling websites. These companies were found to be promoting the illegal website through advertisements, despite knowing that they were not registered with the country’s government. The KSA considers this a serious violation of gambling law. The sites were also warned of the potential repercussions of their association with these illegal sites, yet they did not cease activities.

Another way to limit the effectiveness of illegal sites is to shut down their payment services. For example, payment providers such as MasterCard, Sisow, Mollie BV, Currence and others have agreed with the KSA’s stance. They will not be allowing the sites to use their processing systems for withdrawals or deposits. This is a way to limit the customers that illegal sites can attract.

This is just the beginning for the KSA’s quest against illegal sites. They hope to have a majority of payment processing companies on board within the next six months. When that happens, the illegal sites will either have to obtain licenses or cease operations. “If the company cannot get money to or from a customer, their operations will shut down in due course,” said the KSA.

There have also been discussions in Holland about creating a 20% tax on all gross incomes from online gambling websites. The Dutch government is determined to get adequate tax revenue from online gambling operators.

What are the Basics of Online Roulette?


With online card games and casino games continuing to gain popularity, roulette is the latest to venture into the online world. However, the challenge of understanding online roulette is difficult when compared to other card games. For example, online poker and blackjack are almost identical to their casino versions. With online roulette, there are slight variations.

In fact, players who become seasoned at online roulette will benefit in the long run. Experts believe that the chances of winning money at online roulette are greater when compared to the casinos.

When you enter an online casino website and direct yourself to the roulette section, you will find that the game runs very smoothly. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the hard work of software engineers, the online roulette wheel spins in an incredibly realistic manner. Players will get the true feel of being at a Las Vegas casino when they are playing this online game.

The game goes as follows:

– To start off, you place your bets with the money amount of your choosing. These bets are put in the respective areas, indicating how much and on what you are betting. All of this can be done with a few mouse clicks.

– If you are playing the European online game, there will be 36 different numbers to bet on. The American online version has an extra number, the double zero, which gives it a total of 37 numbers. It is advised that you play the European version, because the “house advantage” is slightly less.

– Place as many bets in a row as you would like. Remember to view online roulette as a long run game. You are not going to win by betting big on two or three wheels. That will only cause you to run out of money.

– Start with simple bets, such as red vs. black or evens vs. odds. These have a 50/50 chance of winning.

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