Adventure Palace Game Review

Adventure Palace Slots is a game by Microgaming, one of the best companies in the business. Adventure Palace has a jungle theme to it—imagine the adventurous world of Disney’s Tarzan, it’s that and more!

The graphics really pop off of the screen and feature some truly majestic animals like tigers and elephants that are adorned with jewels. Your ultimate goal is to get as many large animals on your reel as possible. The bigger the beast, the better your payout will be.


Adventure palace is a jungle-themed slot game


The game features 5 reels and 9 pay lines. There is a Wild symbol that can serve as almost any other character, and a Scatter symbol that can help you increase your multiplier and get you some free spins.

It’s those free spins that give the game the potential to make the player some money. If you get lucky with a few free spins in a row, you could potentially see a significant increase to your bankroll. All earnings from your free spins are automatically tripled. The jackpot option also has the potential to skyrocket depending on how lucky you get. There’s nothing like finally hitting it big after an hour of small wins and losses to make the whole experience worth it in the end.

Adventure Palace is a great game for the slots expert who wants to be entertained with colorful graphics and a great theme. It’s also easy to get into for beginners and will give you a good understanding of how several common slot mechanics like multipliers and free spins work.